ArmaGallant: Decks of Destiny combines a deckbuilding game with RTS


ArmaGallant: Decks of Destiny for the PS4 is combines deckbuilding games, with a real-time strategy battle system designed to be played online. The game plays out like a standard RTS game, where each player will take one side of a large map with a single goal: capturing all the key points. Instead of building bases, your deck serves as the source of your fighting units. Using a recharging mana system, you can summon monsters to capture points, or cast buffing, de-buffing, or direct damage spells.


As a “Deckcaster”, you have to understand the strength and distinctive play styles of each of the five elements – Earth, Fire, Water, Light, and Dark. Build powerful decks by either sticking to one element to execute a focused game plan, or mix and match elements to compensate for a given element’s weakness and create unique combos.

The game looks very impressive, with the battlefield and units presented in 3D and beautiful illustrations for each and every card. Balancing between capturing points, the timing of summoning units and buffs, and positioning creates a lot of room of play. Having the choice of rushing to the point spells ablazing, or strategically create a diversion, then counter your opponent through the forests is pretty great.

Developed by Rock Nano Global from Singapore, it is a pretty amazing feat. A game like this will most likely take close to a hundred people over three years, while they only took less than 30 people over the course of two years.

Check out ArmaGallant: Decks of Destiny on PSN today!


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