Amazon Prime members can get Twilight Princess HD for $47.99



Twilight Princess HD released on March 4 and is now available, but if you haven’t picked it up yet and you’re an Amazon Prime member you’re about to miss out on 20% savings. Amazon has initiated a new policy where all Prime members get 20% back on video game pre-orders, up to two weeks AFTER the game releases.

This means you can get the pre-order price for the game long after reviews have been published, so you no longer have to gamble if you want the game by pre-ordering and then waiting for reviews. This is a very valuable tool in any gamer’s arsenal, especially if you’re like me and you end up buying tons of games a year and regretting several of them.

The deal on Twilight Princess HD is about to expire and this is the cheapest we’ve seen it since launch, so if you’re planning on picking up the game either because you want the Wolf Link amiibo or you want to add it to your collection, you’ve only got a few more days left to do it at this price point.

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