Amazon amiibo page accidentally reveals new info about Twilight Princess HD



Yesterday we showed you some high-quality scans from Famitsu about the upcoming Twilight Princess HD release. While they didn’t do a lot to show the graphics and lighting engine of the game, we did glean some new information about the number of Tears of Light needed in certain areas of the game, as well as an increased rupee limit.

Now it looks like Amazon has unintentionally released more information about the game in the form of the Wolf Link amiibo. The page says that amiibo can be used to replenish hearts and arrows in the game, but the Wolf Link amiibo is special. By scanning it into the game, you unlock a special new dungeon called The Twilight Cave.

Aside from that, the page indicates that the inventory screen will work natively on the GamePad, similarly to what was done for Wind Waker HD. Hero Mode will also be included in the game and you won’t need to unlock it, it’ll be available right from the start.

Knowing that the amiibo gives you a special dungeon that’s never been seen before, are you more likely to buy this remaster?

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