A Spoiler-Filled Discussion On Captain America: Civil War


The enthusiasm for Captain America: Civil War is so pervasive
that it’s spilling over into the gaming community, and we can’t blame
anyone for wanting to talk about the film. Game Informer’s
Dan Tack, Ben Reeves, and
Ben Hanson saw the movie last night and decided
to save their discussion for some hot mics in the studio.

We want to stress that the video below spoils anything and everything
involved with the film, so don’t watch it unless you’ve already seen
the movie or are a sick nihilist. We talk about what we
saw as the best and worst moments of the film, break down one of the
best action sequences in Marvel movie history, and discuss a few
weaknesses in the plot.

Please leave comments below to let us know what
you thought of the film and exactly how right or wrong we are.


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