​How to play entry fragger in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


CSGO Entry Fragger 1

Last time I covered the support role. This time around we’ll take a closer look at the entry fragger: to my mind, the most misunderstood role in CS:GO.

What does an entry fragger do?

Just to get it out there: how I view roles in Counter-Strike, and what I think a player in that role is supposed to do, may differ a lot from what other people might think.

So let’s get started. I think that the single most important job of an entry fragger is to play aggressively in order to create more room for his teammates to execute their strategy. This makes entry fragging a team-oriented role. Contrary to what a lot of people I’ve talked to believe, especially newer players, the entry fragger won’t put up big numbers most of the time. The only exception to this is if he’s playing against a lesser team.

The entry fragger is, however, the player who gets those high-impact kills. If your team is attacking a site with four players and you’re facing two players, it’s huge to get that initial kill and turn it into it a four-versus-one situation.

Most of the time it’s not the entry fragger who initiates the attack (unless the CTs decide to push for information). They need to be good at assessing the situation and listen to their teammates. It’s crucial that they time the push with the flashbangs that are being thrown by support players.

Another thing that I want an entry fragger to do is bait for their teammates. If they jump across a tight choke point where an opponent is peeking, chances are that they’ll shoot. This means that the entry fragger’s teammate (often the AWPer) can go around the corner and either pick up the initial kill or trade a kill before the CT’s weapon gets a chance to reset. In most scenarios it’s beneficial for the terrorists to trade kills as it’ll make it easier for them to take the bomb site.

CSGO Entry Fragger 2

Who should be an entry fragger?

So you’ve formed a team and you’re trying to figure out who’s most suitable as an entry fragger. What should you be looking for?

You want an individual who has fast reactions and has the ability to clear a lot of angles quickly. You also want them to be good at communicating, as they’ll be the one to get information first. If they do what they’re supposed to do, you’ll have more room to work with and know roughly where the enemies are positioned.

Your entry fragger can’t have trust issues. Because of the number of angles there are on almost every site in the game, it’s impossible for them to check all of them. They need to trust that the second and third player in are helping out with the spots they can’t cover.

Above all else, it’s crucial that your entry fragger listens to what your in-game leader says. They need to trust their leader, because if they hesitate when it’s time to initiate the push you’re a lot less likely to succeed.

In short, your entry fragger should be a humble yet fearless player who’s not afraid of taking one for the team. One of the perks of being an entry fragger is the potential for crazy highlight clips. They’ll get their moment to shine when they succeed in picking up two or three entry kills to secure a site on their own.

Example from a pro game

This example is taken from the quarterfinals of Dreamhack Masters Malmö in Sweden last weekend. The player featured in the clip is Jonas ‘Lekr0’ Olofsson from GODSENT, the team put together by former Major champion and in-game leader Markus ‘pronax’ Wallsten. This is the round right after they had lost their first buy round against the German team mousesports. GODSENT decided to go for a force buy with tec-9s, armor and some grenades.